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Related article: Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 12:22:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Justin Lane
Subject: Farm Boy Blues-GMFarm Boy Blues.
Chapter 01: The First Time My name is Justin. When I was 16 my family and I lived on a farm in
Tennessee. We didn't have a lot of neighbors around us and I didn't go to
a large high school, so it would've been pretty hard for a gay guy to
make it. Therefore, I stayed in the closet until I was older, but that's
beside the point. Anyway, I was lollipops adult sex club 6' ft. tall, brown/blond hair, green
eyes, 175lbs of pure muscle, and a little strawberries lolita pics
nice farm boy tan. I had a little hair
under my arms, on my legs, and at my cock. Other than that I was mostly
naturally smooth. My closet neighbor also lived on a farm. His name was
James.He was adorable. He was probably about 5'7", dark brown hair, brown eyes,
and he always had on a pair of tight jeans and a t shirt. His ass was so
perfect I always found myself daydreaming about touching it. Anyway, we
were best friends. He was a year younger than me and we were always
together. If our parents wanted to find one of us all they had to do is
find one and the other would be close. We were practically inseparable.
If I wasn't at his house he was at mine.One morning after I fed the horses I walked over to James' house. He was
in the barn putting hay in for the cows and the horses. "Hey James" I
said. "Hey" he replied. He took off his gloves and told me to follow him.
We walked to an old abandoned barn on his property down the hill. It was
pretty far from our houses. You couldn't see them after you were there.
When we got there we climbed the ladder to the second story. He sat down
on some old hay and told me to sit down. I sat down beside of him and
said, "What's up dude?" "Justin we need to talk." He said. "About what?
What's wrong?""Justin, I'm gay." He said with a sad look on his face. "What? Are you
really?" I said it so excitedly I guess he figured me out cause the next
thing I knew was he pulled me close and kissed me. I wrapped my arms
around of him and grabbed his ass. Oh I was in heaven. My dreams were
coming true. As we kissed and I massaged his ass we heard someone coming.
"Justin, James are you guys up there?" It was my dad. "Yeah dad be right
down" I said. I gave James a quick spank as I walked away and we went
down the ladder. "Hey dad what's up?" I said. "I need you and James to
run into town for me." He said. "Okay what do you need?" I asked. "Take
my truck and go get some feed for the horses." "Okay" I said as James and
I walked back to the house.We got in dad's old truck and I started driving down the old dirt road.
After getting out of sight of the houses he scooted over next to me and
laid his head on my shoulder. "Justin does this mean we're dating?" he
said with an enthusiastic grin. I smiled and said, "Yeah I guess it
does." He kissed my cheek and then scooted over as I pulled into the
store parking lot. We got out and he said, " I gotta go look for
something, but I'll meet you back at the truck ok?" I winked at him and
said, "ok." I went and got the feed and then went back to the truck. When
I got there James was already in the truck. I got in and we drove home.
When we got there I backed the truck up to the barn and put the feed out.
Then James said, "Well I got to go home. Do you want to stay over
tonight?" "Yeah sure." I said as I smiled and walked home. I spent the
rest of the day just as any other one just as a boy in a relationship.
Not a single guy, yay. About 6:00 P.M. James knocked on my bedroom door.
:knock knock: "Come in" I said. "Hey" he said. "Hey" I replied. Are you
coming over or not?" "Yeah I was getting ready to." He closed my door and
walked up to me. He put his arms around my waist and gave me a gentle
kiss. Man I was already in love. Our kiss ended and we walked to his
house.When we got there his parents were gone. "Hey James. Where's your mom and
dad?" "Oh did I forget non nude teen lolita
to mention that we would have the house to
ourselves?" he said with a smile. "Uh yeah you did." "Well, they're going
to see Grandma and staying up there tonight. She lives in Kentucky." He
said. I walked up to him and smiled. "You sneaky little shit." I said
giving him a kiss. We sat down on the couch and watched TV for a while
then it got dark. "Well, I've got to take a shower Justin. You wanna join
me?" he said. I about choked on my Pepsi I was drinking at the time. Long
had I dreamed for his to ask me that, but I wasn't expecting it then."Yeah" I said as I wrapped him in my arms and carried him upstairs. We
went into the bathroom and he turned on the water. We started undressing.
He kicked off his boots and took off his socks. He then removed lollipops adult sex club
his shirt
revealing his gorgeous six pack and masculine chest. I pulled off my
shirt between the staring and drooling. (I had already took off my shoes
and socks.) As he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down revealing his
sexy tighty whiteys and the huge bulge in them. He then pulled them off
showing off his entire body. I quickly took off the rest of my clothes
and we stood admiring each other.I looked at him from his gorgeous face, to his bushy pit, his masculine
upper body, his 6 inch un cut man meat, and his hairy muscular legs. He
looked at my own 5 inch uncut meat and walked over to me. He started
kissing me then moved to my neck. He moved up to my ear and whispered,
"Justin I want to be inside you." We kissed madly and stepped into the
shower. The warm water cascading down his body made him all the more
hotter. My dick was throbbing madly and in desperate need of attention.
He got down on his knees and started massaging my balls. Then he engulfed
my cock into his warm mouth. Oh it felt so good. The warmth of his mouth
on my hard meat. His tongue massaging every spot on my shaft and and my
head and piss slit. I put my hand on his head, "Oh God, James. Oh oh oh
I'm gonna cummmmmm." I said as I shot load after load of hot sticky cum
into his throat. He swallowed it and stood up. I started to return the
favor, but he said "no" not yet. We washed each other in ecstasy. Then we
got out of the shower and walked to his bed. We laid down and he gently
massaged my body. He started on my chest, gently tugging on my nipples on
occasion. Thin he moved down my stomach past my cock to my thighs.He rubbed my legs then flipped me onto my stomach. He rubbed my neck the
my back and then to my ass. He grabbed my cheeks and gently stroked each
one sending chills up my entire body. Meanwhile my dick was getting hard
again. He then spread my cheeks and gently licked my just cleaned crack.
He then tickled my virgin ass hole with his tongue. I was in heaven. Then
he took loli dorki video guestbook on finger and slowly pushed it into my ass. He was so gentle with
me. As he probed my ass hole with his finger he pushed a second one in.
He fingered fucked me for what seemed like eternity. A good eternity by
the way. Then he flipped me back over on my back and said, "Justin I love
you and I don't want to hurt you so if you don't want to do this tell
me." "No, I want you to James" I said smiling. He then opened his dresser
drawer and pulled out a condom. "This is what I bought today. I didn't
know if alolita top preteen cp
I'd need but I knew I would sometime in my life." I smiled as he
slipped it onto his cock. Then he held my legs in the air and slowly slid
his cock into my ass.It hurt and I started to whimper. "Do you want me to stop?" he said. "No
honey go on." I replied. After it was all the way inside of me he started
slowly pulling out and pushing back in. It continued hurting for a few
minutes, but then went from pain to pleasure. When he noticed I was
enjoying it he let my legs rest on his shoulders and leaned in close to
me. He continued slowly fucking me and kissing me. Then he started going
a little faster and moaning. He then hit my prostate causing me to shoot
my load all over him and my chest. "Oh oh oh ah ah ah OHHHHHHHHH" he said
as he filled the condom full. He laid his head on my chest gently licking
the cum off of my nipples. He then pulled his semi-erect cock out and
took off the condom."I love you" he said. "I love you too." I replied as I kissed him. He
laid down beside of me and lolitas pre teens anal held me close in his arms. Our naked body
still shaking with the new sensations. A few minutes of cuddling and he
was asleep. His head resting on my shoulder he gently snored. I slowly
got up and took a shower. As I stepped out of the shower I remembered lolita preteen nude arina I
hadn't brought any extra clothes so I just got back into bed with him
nude. We slept in each others arms all night.Well, that's all this time guys. I plan to have chapter 2 up soon. I read
and reply to all emails so feel free to send comments/suggestions to please include the name of the story in the
subject of the email. The name Farm boy blue will probably not be
understood until the next 1 or 2 chapters. But you will find out why I
named it what I did. Hope you enjoyed the story. -Justin
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